Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A proper lifestyle blog and some writing exercises.

What is a "proper" lifestyle blog?

My wife wanted me to switch over and form a lifestyle blog with her.  There are numerous problems with this and they all stem with me.  First and foremost being: I get tired of talking about myself.  It isn't egocentric but the lack thereof.  I dislike talking about myself and think of what I do or think about, most of the time, as being boring.  I've never had a lot of people interested in what I do or what I think so the idea of my writing on and on about something does quickly bore me.

What I think I will try, is the start of a lifestyle blog, like an online and public brainstorming session. As a writing practice, I will write about things that start with each letter of the alphabet.  I think it may help.  Also, one of the things I love to do, is think of things in my own past memories and write them down.  I have enough family members that started to or did lose a lot of their memory and it comes to a point now that even I, as young as I am, may get to an area and forget what I did on the weekend.  It may be because we have a busy lifestyle or that it is because we have kids and my brain is mentally exhausted by the time Monday comes around, but for whatever case, I do tend to forget some things or my brain just deletes them. I don't forget my wife's birthday or my kids' favorite color or things like that.  But I will forget what I had for dinner on Saturday night.  So, this blog will start with this exercise.


So, let me start with the first letter "A".  The letter A, stands for the word "Amber", which is not the hardened sap of a tree, but is actually the name of one of the first psychological thriller games I played when I bought my own PC, as a kid.  My parents always provided my three brothers and I with the things that we needed to survive.  So, we had televisions, VCR's and plenty of food and so forth.  My parents were never really into technology which seemed strange to me because my mom had always told me that she used to do computer programming, at the federal reserve bank, downtown, using punch cards.  How my mother went from a math major doing a technology job to someone who didn't want their family to move forward in the world, was beyond me.

So, anyway, I saved up money from working at my teenager job and paid out $3,000 for a computer, a nice Windows 95 machine.  With it, I bought a cool game, called Amber.  The premise of this game, is that your partner, was experimenting a new technology at a haunted house.  This new technology was called Amber and it was a headpiece that allowed the wearer to slip their subconscious into the spirit realm to see ghosts.  Your partner is stuck in the spirit realm because each spirit had something that had to be solved in order to 'move on' and when all spirits were resolved, the player could rescue his partner.  It was a strange game with a lot of scary elements but what made it the most interesting to me: was the main faux science research behind it.   The main research idea was that since all matter is composed of energy, in time, human beings could impart their memories and energies to an item, so that item has memories.  Those memories, with enough energy behind them, could produce visible memories, which is what we mistake for ghosts.

That idea, although with no scientific proof, is something that I think about when I see or touch an antique.  My grandmother had a buffet chest in her house, when she got married.  This thing is huge and made of Cherry wood.  It is massive and beautiful at the same time.  Still though, the thought of this item, and the memories that are attached to it.  What dishware must have been kept inside of it? What was placed on top?  Was there candles, lights, books, or even cards or letters from loved ones? Was there valuables or every day objects stored in the cabinets?  What did this see?

These questions, are always in my mind when I visit antique stores and look at strange things that must have been or meant something special to someone.  When I started to collect old watches and antique things, I thought of what stories they must hold.  My pride and joy is a pocket watch that I paid $35 for at a flea market a few years ago.  I took the back case off, cleaned the main gear and then it started to tick.  The serial number puts it with a 1889 production year!  Think of how cool it is to have a working watch, over 100 years old.  It has lived through 100 years of war, economic rollercoasters and time, so much time has been counted by the hands and dials.  It is amazing!  This is the kind of thoughts that make me think of that game.  What energies could be encased within this object?  Who held it first?  Who owned it?  Where was it purchased?  The thoughts that travel through antique items are the biggest things that cause my love for those past histories.


The letter "B", to me, stands for a movie called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."  You are probably wondering why this movie has any meaning to me, since I'm not Greek and my wife isn't Greek and I don't actually know anyone who is Greek; well maybe one guy in college.  This movie was very interesting because we both rented and watched it while my wife and I were engaged and it was a good example of our lives at the time.

So, when we saw this movie, I was engaged to my wife.  We both went to the same college and even in the same classes.  My wife was the hottest girl in the school and when I say this, it isn't just that thing that some guys say.  My wife really WAS the hottest girl in the school and it was a thing of mine to watch the nerdy guys in the Computer science class, hit on her and watch her tell them 'no'. It was odd that she said "yes" to me, but she said it was because unlike the other guys who asked her, I was the only one in which she saw potential.  It isn't in a mean or nasty way, but I just wasn't the same person, back then, some 13 years ago.  I would wake up, and get dressed for school, in an old sweatshirt, some cut-off jean shorts and black combat boots with a hat.  It was like a mixture of grunge and skater.  So, as time goes on, much like the movie, I see that my wife is Lebanese and her family is huge, much like the Greek family in the movie.  They hug, kiss and everyone eats and shares food.  The first thing they do after they meet you is ask if you are hungry and would like some food.  Then they bring you in and they talk to you, then say something in Arabic to the other family members, and the say something in English again.  Her family is large, loud and very 'in your face' about everything.  If you have seen this movie, then you can have a good idea as my wife's family, was very much like the Greek family in the movie.  Also, in the movie, the Greek family's patriarch, believes that the Greeks invented everything and every word has a root word in Greek.  My father-in-law believes that the Lebanese, (the Phoenicians), are responsible for everything that we have in this world.  We know that math and science holds some origins in the Arabic world, and as such, they could have come from the Phoenician peoples.

So, Ian's family, which is just his mom and dad, are very quiet, and reserved, much like my family. While my family doesn't deliver a bunt cake, when they first met my wife's family, the similarities between the two in-movie families and my wife's and my families, are very close.  This movie is what I thought of first, because it reminds me of our lives as soon as we decided to marry.      

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