Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The shiny of things

I like my pieces to be shiny.  There is this bad stereotype of steam-punk artwork or of the genre itself where people think that it has to be dark, brooding, colors with frills, lace and a required pair of goggles.  But the steam punk culture and genre has nothing to do with that and still has some of that all at once.  The genre is supposed to encompass a specific period of time and a way of life and technology.  So, it is uncommon to see it but not uncommon to the genre to have bright colors, even whites, in a steam punk style or outfit.  While my artwork is considered steam punk inspired, I still try to leave some elements of other things.  In this case, a reused style and favorite 'shape' of mine is accented with some opals, which have a rainbow coloring to them and if you look up "steam punk" in goggle images, I bet the last thing you will see is a rainbow.

We have a Republic Watch, probably made in the 30's, judging from the size and style of the movement.  Those white-ish rainbow items on the movement are opal cabochons.  They lend an instant "brightness" to the piece and I like how it is not a more darker tone like others I have created.

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