Thursday, May 1, 2014

Etsy part 1

I wanted to show off some things that I have on my Etsy store and will shortly have more things to come up here as well.  I will have a picture of the items as well as a complete description.

My Delton Watch piece is a nice one.  This is a good sized piece, most likely for men.  It has a pocket watch plate as the base.  Like many watch companies in the turn of the century, 20th century, they came and went with almost no records.  I have not been able to find much of any history of the Delton Watch company.  On the piece that has that name, I also have two red Swarovski crystals across from some of the original rubies.  There is an etched spring case in the middle, a gear at the bottom and a metal dragonfly at the top.  I use the wing and dragonfly theme a lot in my jewelry and in this case, a large metal wing is affixed to the side.  This hangs from a brown, braided leather chord.

This pendant hangs from a thick brown leather chord.  The metal piece on the top, has a star and moon shape, which were used by the Waltham Watch Company before the year 1900 as a way of dating their items.  Those symbol place that piece as having been rolled off of the factory in 1887. That metal piece has 4 red Swarovski crystals on it.  Then, it was attached to a copper cog and then that was placed on an antique porcelain coated copper watch face. Then the large metal wing is on top and the whole thing is coated in resin.  I like the look of that 127 year old piece.

As I had mentioned before when I talked about using natural materials, this is an oval of crystal clear and smooth resin.  Inside of this oval is a flower from a garden mint plant.  The flowers are normally purple, but as soon as it was completely covered in the resin, it lost the color and turned an almost white/orange color. 

I'm calling this me "steampunk American" ring.  You have a metal ring base with a copper wheel on top of that.  Then a silver colored cog goes on with a bronze colored metal eagle.  There has been resin applied to this to help protect, seal and make it shiny.

Everyone who sees this bracelet loves it, but only some truly love the color.  This was built using a thick yellow wrist watch.  The wrist watch had rivets around the face and it is a square shape.  I used it as a bracelet base.  It doesn't tell time anymore, but looks cool.  It has a metal base and on top of that are two metal wings.  Then the watch movement, complete with exposed gears and wheels can be seen.  A watch stem, originally used for winding the watch, is still attached at the top. The metal dragonfly has an enamel green wing color which is inside to add a pop of color.

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