Monday, April 7, 2014

What about bracelets?

I admit that making pendants for necklaces is the easiest thing ever.  However, making bracelets is something that I need to work on and get some more finished. When I first started making bracelets in 2012, I found it difficult to make a bracelet that could be one side fits all, so what I started to do was gather old watch bands, particularly the ones that were made of metal links or bands.  Reversing the watch bands, I was able to take the watch 'guts' out of the bezel and then use that as a base for an adjustable bracelet.

The serial number on the watch movement shows that it was made in 1889 and half a metal wing attached.  This was placed in a watch bezel, which was then turned inside-out, with what was the bottom as now the top of the base.  The interlocking metal band is adjustable.

I have to say though, while I loved it, in terms of wearability as well as the look and shape of it, some were saying that it was coming off as cheap looking.  Since then, I have specifically been looking for pre-made bracelets and then changing them.

Here we have a gold shielded brand and a small bezel on top where I placed a tiny 1920's watch movement and coated it with resin.  "Gold Shielding" was a brand name of a company in America which started in about the year 1987.  They made that name to indicate that they made gold coated jewelry. So, the spring-like adjustable band is coated in gold as is the small jewelry bezel, which has the watch piece inside. I love the way the gold looks with the colors of the watch movement.  

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